Kruszwica (36 km)

It is regarded as the cradle of Poland, lying at the northern end of Gopło lake. You can take a cruise on the 'Rusałka' or visit 'Mysia Wieża' to see the legendary lake from a different perspective. The gem of Romanesque architecture is St. Peter and St. Paul's Church.

Ciechocinek (55 km)

A beautiful 'green' health resort. To enjoy the wonderful microclimate of Ciechocinek, it is worth visiting the most famous complex of graduation towers in Poland.

Toruń (73 km)

One of the oldest Polish cities, with the old town designated as a UNESCO World Heritage. You have to see it!

Inowrocław (50 km)

Another health resort in the region with preserved twig towers and Brine Park. In the holiday season, a lot of outdoor events are held every weekend. The most interesting sights of the city are the Romanesque church of the Holy Virgin Mary, the Gothic church of St. Nicholas and the Museum of Jan Kasprowicz.

Licheń (50 km)

The Basilica of the Holy Virgin Mary of Licheń is considered as the largest in Poland.

Sarnowo (41 km)

Worth seeing are the 'Kujavian Pyramids'. The complex is a unique archaeological reserve among its kind in Europe. It consists of nine megalithic tombs.